a)   SAFETY PRECUTION: All machineries/ equipment are well protected as per local laws as well as international factory safety guidelines.

b)   BUILDING AND STRUCTURE: Building and its associated civil structure have been constructed as per approved design of local Govt. authority.

c)   MACHINERY AND PLANT: All the machines and equipment are well protected to ensure workers safety. Proper safety notice/instruction in Bi-lingual (Bangla & English) is set to the required equipment.

d)   STAKING, PACKING AND STORING MATERIAL:  Factory warehouse is equipped with required pallet to systematic arrangements for staking/ storing different fabrics.

e)   WORK-ON OR NEAR MACHINERY IN MOTION: Proper working instruction and notice (bi-lingual) are attached /put to all machineries and workers are following the correct method of usage.



As per floor area sufficient number of different types/size portable fire extinguishers have been placed and defined by special mark and easily located while in emergency. There are sufficient fire fighters and rescue team in every floor. There is a fire / emergency evacuation plan with symbols fixed in easily visible place of every production floor.



Smoking is strictly prohibited at any time, on any day in the factory. Only explosion proof light is authorized to be used in the factory.



There is a strong security company consist 20 professional security personnel for full time security for man and material of the company and anti terrorist act.




a)   FACTORY CLEANLINESS: Factory is always being cleaned constantly. Industrial vacuum-cleaning machine is being used on a regular basis for dirt free interior.

b)   DISPOSAL OF WASTE & EFFLUENTS: There is an insignificant quantity of raw material (fabric & trims) waste, packaging material and fabric cut pieces which, are disposed of through local vendor. Usually they (Vendor) crush fabric cut pieces into cotton for various domestic & industrial uses, packaging materials are also re-cycled for different uses. The factory floor is free of any kind of liquid effluent.

c)   MAINTENANCE OF DRAINS: Washroom wastewater drains has been constructed properly.

d)   LIGHTING OF INTERIOR OF FACTORY: The factory floor is lightened with tube light sets. Factory floor, all exit & stair are equipped with proper emergence light units. Production floor is equipped with sufficient nos. of industrial exhaust fans for sufficient ventilation and cooling.

e)   DRINKING WATER PROVISION: There is sufficient volume of fresh natural water for drinking at convenient location of every floor.

f) TOILETS/URINAL: There are sufficient separate toilets for male & female workers. All the toilets are connected with water line for washing system to wash down the pan/commode.

g)         HEALTH CARE AND MEDICINE: There is a qualified register Doctor and two nurses employed for full time to assist medical and nursing to factory workers. Apart from that forty certified First-Aid team members are always available in the factory during working hours.

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